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Project Websitepop out icon

Health Icons is a volunteer effort, hosted by public health not-for-profit Resolve to Save Livespop out icon. These icons are available in the public domain for use in any type of project.

In 2021, myself and a small group of designers and developers, led by Daniel Burkapop out icon, created the open-source icon library Heath Icons. Originally intended to replace the DHIS2pop out icon icon library, we expanded it and published it independantly for the global good for health projects all over the world.

Health Icons' websiteHealth Icons websitepop out iconLine variation of Health IconsSolid variation of Health IconsA selection of icons I contributed to the project

The Team

The team behind Health Icons has grown, but in the early days of the project, there were around 12–15 of us working on the first iteration of the library. We were spread across the world, and worked asynchronously, using Figma to collaboratively design the library, and Slack for communication.

The first iteration of the library went through several auditing and refinement phases as we worked to define a visual language for the icons to share.

A Zoom meeting with other members of the Health Icons projectMyself and other members of the Health Icons project during our first Zoom meet-upDesign collaboration in Health Icons' Figma fileWorking asynchronously in Figma required a structured approach when taking icons through several phases including design exploration, review, refinement, and export preperationDefining icon guidelines in Health Icons' Figma fileWorking to define guidelines for icon design and project contribution

Project Launch

In June 2021, we launched the library with 630 icons on ProductHuntpop out icon where it recieved 291 upvotes.

The same week, Fast Company wrote about the projectpop out icon and the team's goals.

Project Evolution

Since the launch of the project, active design and development has continued. The size of the library has grown to 1198 icons, with more being added every day.

In July 2021, Health Icons launched a Figma pluginpop out icon allowing for the search and use of all icons in Figma projects. The Figma plugin was developed by Tekeste Kidanupop out icon

Health Icons Figma PluginThe entire Health Icons library is available as a Figma pluginpop out icon
Health Icons in use on Alloy Health's websiteHealth Icons in use in a presentation at the DHIS2 Conference
Icons in use: Health Icons used on Alloy Health's websitepop out icon and in a presentation at the DHIS2 Conference