Bar Eclipse




  • Scene construction
  • Bar logo
  • Bar signage
  • Graffiti
  • Liquor labels
  • Tools used

  • Blender
  • Procreate
  • Figma
  • Photoshop
  • A render of the bartop of Bar Eclipse


    Especially inspired by the vivid, atmospheric scenes found in Wong Kar-wai’s films (I had just seen Happy Together for the first time), I wanted to create a scene that felt rich and intriguing. Apartment balconies above the bar, back rooms you can only catch a glimpse of, a cigarette left at the bartop — I wanted the scene to feel as if it was full of stories despite being empty.

    This project was also fully an excuse to experiment with a neon-soaked 1980’s dive bar aesthetic. This meant touching on 80’s graffiti styles (specifically referencing graffiti styles from NYC), beer and liquor labels, and various signage for the bar.

    A full-scene render of Bar Eclipse

    Bar Logo

    Inspired by the vintage neon signs of Tokyo and Times Square, I wanted to explore a sci-fi inspired custom type treatment that would work well as a neon sign, and as a vertical box sign.

    Bar Eclipse signage

    Bar Signage

    Various other signage from within the bar. Here I intentionally created a series of signs that lacked cohesion.

    Using vintage dive bar signage as reference, I really liked how unrefined this signage was, without extreme attention given to design details — stretched fonts, poor kerning, drop-shadows or borders added to type. I wanted to bring some of this charm into my scene as well.

    Signage designed for within the bar


    I wanted the graffiti in the scene to feel era-accurate — not the highly refined and polished graffiti we see today from artists who have access to premium paint and a near-unlimited selection of caps.

    I wanted this graffiti to look like it had been done with stock caps on cheap paint stolen from Walmart — faded colours, blown-out lines, lots of drips.

    Graffiti designed for the scene

    Liquor Labels

    Keeping with the space theme used for the name of the bar, I also created several liquor and beer labels for the bottles present in the scene.

    I took inspiration from the blocky, basic shapes, bold typography, and use of foil accents and badges on 80’s-era labels.

    Liquor and beer labels used in the bar